Get In the Halloween Spirit

Oh October! I’m SO happy you’re here! You are truly one of the greatest months of the year! From Halloween to transitioning into fall outfits, from enjoying football tailgating to the first cold front starting to arrive, there’s so much to look forward to!

Can you believe that Halloween is already only 21 days away?! CRAZY! Before you know it we are going to blink and Christmas will be starting it’s take over, which I don’t mind because I love Christmas, BUT I still want to enjoy this holiday, so you better be getting all of your October traditions in before it’s too late!

One thing I always do during this time of year is create a fall bucket list of things I want to accomplish! It really helps me to soak up the full fall season, otherwise, as we are starting to see already, the time passes by way too quickly and the season gets away from me! As I got to making my list for this year, I thought you all might be looking for some Halloween inspo so I decided to share my bucket list with all of y’all! Some things are New Orleans specific, some things I will not be able to accomplish, like making all of the baked goods, but it’s a bucket list for a reason! Just try to check off as many items as possible! And feel free to download this list to your computer or phone here or click on the image.

I hope you all have a wonderful Halloween season! I’d love to hear what your favorite Halloween traditions are or what you have on your fall bucket list! 

With love from NOLA, 

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