Travel Essentials | What I Carry On the Plane

Good morning y’all, and happy Thursday from NASHVILLE! It’s an “Ehrhardt Family Vacation” as Ryan, his parents, brother, and myself are all in Nashville to cheer on the LSU Tigers as they take on Vanderbilt this weekend! Ryan and I came to Nashville and Knoxville almost 2 years ago when LSU played Tennessee, and we love it here! We are SEAUX pumped to be back! We love the culture, the food, the entertainment – EVERYTHING!

I love going on adventures with Ryan and traveling together, but I always still get a little uneasy about flying. I’ve flown countless times during my life, but I still always get a little nervous. That’s normal, right?! In order to make myself as comfortable and calm as possible I plan, plan, and plan some more, part of which is packing my carryon efficiently with everything I think I’m going to need! I put together this little list of items that are ESSENTIAL to me when flying – and believe it or not, all of these fit in my little backpack. If you’re taking a trip and flying anytime soon, you’ll definitely want these items in your carryon!

COMFY CLOTHES. Even though this isn’t something I “pack” in my carryon, comfy clothes are an essential for any flight! You can typically find me in leggings or joggers, a cute and comfy tee with some comfy sneakers or sandals. And don’t forget a sweater or jacket. I just hate when I’m freezing on a flight. Katelyn not happy! The more comfortable I feel, the more relaxed I’ll be for the flight. Bonus tip: bring a scarf that can double as a blanket or even a neck pillow on the plane. You’ll thank me later! 

FACIAL MIST. Whether I’m wearing makeup or flying barefaced, airplanes can be so drying for your skin. I have naturally oily skin, but I love a nice hydrating face mist to spritz my face with during a flight. I love this Caudalie Beauty Elixir! It’s perfect for hydrating my skin, helps wake me up, and gives me this great, natural-looking glow. Triple threat! Perfect to look refreshed when you arrive at your destination. 

HEADPHONES. I don’t know anyone that doesn’t pack headphones for a flight. But I specifically have noise-canceling headphones. They are a lifesaver! When you want to zone out into your own world, listen to music, watch a movie, or even tune out the screaming baby sitting in front of you, my Beats are perfect! 

COSMETIC BAG. aka DIY emergency kit. I always pack a little bag with some essentials I may need, anything from beauty products to toiletries. This is good because you never know what you may need during a flight, but also in case you ever have major issues with your luggage getting lost. Ugh that’s the worst! I keep a few of my makeup products, my medicines, deodorant, hand sanitizer, wet wipes to wipe down the seat and tray table, gum, Kleenex, lip balm, hand lotion, contacts case and solution… literally anything you need day to day. 

NECK PILLOW. If the flight is longer than an hour and half, chances are I’m going to doze off for a little bit. Why not rest when you’re just stuck sitting down for a long period of time? The plane isn’t the ideal place for napping, but you got to work with what you got! for I love a neck pillow for flying! You can get them off Amazon or in any airport. I’ve been dying to try the Trtl pillow! It’s up on my traveling wish list. 

CHARGER. My phone has the WORST battery life. EVER! I never travel without my chargers, for my phone and my laptop. And you can’t go wrong with a portable charger because you never know when you’re going to score an outlet to get some juice.  

If y’all have any must-have travel essentials, hit ya girl up! I’d love to hear them! Anything to make my flying experiences as good as possible!


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