New Work Wear for a New School Year

It’s officially August. The heat in New Orleans has rapidly rolled in, along with the start of school right around the corner. If you’re not a parent with younger children, or if you don’t work at a school, you probably forget that a new school year is about to kick off. I work at my former high school as the Director of Communications so I’ve been patiently waiting for the start of school. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my summer break – shorter hours, catching up on projects, quieter office, etc. But just like when you were a kid, you start to feel a little bored toward the end of summer. I’m ready for the hustle and bustle to be back! 

If you asked a girl to pick out her favorite outfit from her wardrobe, chances are it normally isn’t a work outfit. The average person spends a third of their life working. That’s so hard to hear, ugh! It also means we spend a third of our lives in work clothes. I know we wish we could all wear loungewear 24/7 but unfortunately, we can’t. We gotta make that money! And for most 8-5 working girls, that means having to wear business attire or work wear.

Even though we spend so much time in work wear, it seems it can be challenging to find pieces that are polished and appropriate, but also personal to you! I think it’s so important to find work wear that you love! Think about your favorite going out outfit. Don’t you feel like a sass queen? Well you need to do the same for work! Find those pieces that make you feel like a boss! It’s not just about how you look, but also how it makes you feel. I know when I’m in a work outfit I love, I just feel in a better mood because my confidence is up.

Whether you work in the education field and are getting ready for a new school year like me, or you are just in need of a work wardrobe upgrade, I wanted to share some affordable work wear options with ya from LOFT! I pretty much don’t shop anywhere else for work wear. Why would I?! They have the cutest clothes (business and casual) and no matter when you shop, there’s ALWAYS a sale going on. You should never pay full price at LOFT. Also, because your girl is super short (what up below 5’2″ club) I always shop in the petite section. Whether you wear regular or petite sizes, you can find your perfect fit. When I got my first internship in college, I purchased my first pair of business pants from LOFT, and they have been my go-to store for work wear ever since.

All of these pieces are under $100 for great quality work pieces. Score! I would classify these as business casual, but you can easily dress them up with other options if you are more business corporate. I hope you enjoy my new school year new work wear lookbook! Enjoy!

Red Wrap Dress

When I spotted this dress, I knew I had to have it for the new school year! Even though I’m not a teacher, I thought it just screamed classic and chic teacher. It’s perfect for the school atmosphere! The material is super stretchy and flowy so you’ll feel comfortable all day, yet it still shows off your figure. I love the wrap-effect of this dress, too. So flirty and fun!

Embroidered Top and Skirt

You may be surprised that I paired an embroidered top with an embroidered skirt but that’s the fun of fashion! You can do whatever you want! This top is so sweet, from the embroidered detail to the flutter sleeves and tied back. And the scalloped, eyelet skirt, hitting right above the knee, perfectly complements the top to make for a fun, flirty, and feminine outfit in the workplace.

Pockets and Polka Dots

I like to call this look corporate chic! This skirt is described as “office-perfect,” and I couldn’t agree more! And it’s got pockets! I’m sold! Together, the skirt and this top are like two peas in a pod. I love the covered buttons, petal sleeves, and sporadic polka dots. Throw on some black pumps and sunglasses and you’ve got yourself a sassy business woman look!

Peplum and Purple Pants

I don’t know if it’s because LSU football is almost back but I’ve been drawn to purple lately. These sateen pants are perfect for work. They are dressy enough but so so comfortable that I feel like I’m wearing jeggings! I’ve got curvy hips and thighs and the narrow cut still worked on my figure. And this peplum top with purple flowers pairs perfectly with them.

Leopard Dress

I’m obsessed with this dress for so many reasons! I love anything cheetah/leopard print, this dress is great for work AND play, and it’s such a great transition piece that you can wear now and take into the fall! Need I say more?! Okay, I will. I also love the detailed pleated cuffs at the end of the long sleeves and the removable waist tie.

Wide Pants and Chambray 

Wide leg pants are big right now, and I’m happy about it! I’d rather wear loose fitting clothes at work than tight ones, especially since I sit at a desk for 80% of the day. I need to be comfortable! Not only do these have a wide leg, they also have an elastic waist in the back. I paired them with this chambray top. I think chambray goes with everything so it’s a good versatile top to have. The round high neck was perfect for a little bling, too!

No matter what type of girl you are at your job, I hope these outfits give you some work wear inspiration! What do you do for work?

10 thoughts on “New Work Wear for a New School Year

  1. I LOVE that last outfit! That’s definitely the closest to my work style and I’m itching to go buy that exact outfit!


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