Bringing the 90s Back | Overalls

I don’t understand it when things go out of style, but I sure do love it when they come back in, specifically trends from different decades. Flared jeans, hair accessories, and now overalls! If you were a 90s kid like me, I’m sure you rocked some nice overalls back in the day. If you didn’t, can you even call yourself a 90s kid?! I remember I wore overalls all the time, (in Disney World, during Mardi Gras, etc.), and I also had this pink pair of overall shorts that had Rugrats’ characters embroidered on them. #TBT!

I’ve had my eyes set on the overalls trend for a while now! But, not gonna lie, I was a little hesitant at first to try them myself. Everyone looked so cute in them, but I was nervous that I wouldn’t be able to pull them off, meaning I would either A. look like I was 5 years old again, or B. I’d look like a farmer. There’s a fine line between you wearing the overalls and the overalls wearing you. Lucky for you, I’ve done the research for ya and found a great pair to start off with!

These overalls fit true to size but are still a bit loose (I’m wearing a small). I love that they are not too tight, and I can move around in them and relax. The distressed details and raw hemline give these classic overalls a fun vibe. They are so cute for summer! And did I mention they are under $30!? These are one of the best purchases I’ve made all month! The key is to be playful in them and not take yourself too seriously, so whether you wear them with a fun hairstyle, a pop of color with your shoes or earrings, or a cool graphic tank. 

Overalls are so versatile. Need to run errands? Throw on a white tee, short overalls, and some fun sneakers. Have a kid’s birthday party to go to? Throw on a fun graphic tee, short overalls, and cute sandals. Getting drinks with the girls? Throw on a crop top or off the shoulder top, short overalls, and some wedges. There are so many ways to wear them! 

But if you’re still scared you are going to look like a kid in them, so what?! I embrace my childish tendencies and rock these overalls! They are super comfortable and easy to throw on. I don’t care what anyone says! And you shouldn’t either! Take a risk and try a pair! I’m telling you now, I don’t care if overalls ever go out of style again, I will continue to wear them! I just LOVE them!

I’ve included some other options below that I’ve found so you can try the trend. Shop around and see what works for you!

Have you tried the overall trend? Are you interested in trying a pair? Let me know!

one | two | three | four | five | six | seven | eight | nine

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